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Jan Grenner is a German film composer based in Wiesbaden/ Germany. He holds a Masters degree (First Class Honours) in ‘Scoring for Film and Visual Media’ from Dublin Institute of Technology/ Pulse College. Among his tutors and mentors are Hollywood composers Christopher Young, Conrad Pope, Andy Hill, Richard Bellis, and David McHugh. He also has a German academic degree in classical music, majoring in opera voice and piano, as well as composition, conducting, musicology and music education. His voice has earned him the prestigious Richard-Wagner Society scholarship. Apart from his classical background, he has a nearly lifelong experience in popular music, having performed in and composed for bands, and produced albums. He has received formal training in audio engineering in Germany as well  for two years.
As a classical and contemporary composer, he has gained great success with his concert works for the brass ensemble of the State Orchestra Wiesbaden, Germany. His works for orchestra have been on tour in China with the Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra under maestro Derek Gleeson.
Jan Grenner has also successfully composed and staged a musical for children in Germany Tonios Reise ins Glück – Tonio’s Journey to Happiness, incorporating all kinds of popular musical genres.
Not only does Jan Grenner have a profound knowledge, theoretically and practically in all styles of music, be it classical/ orchestral or contemporary popular music styles, such as rock, pop, hip hop, EDM, but he also delivers high quality mixd-downs and orchestral MIDI mock-ups  in any desired format.
Since 2016, he is one of the main tutors at the  Film Scoring Summer Program in Varna, Bulgaria, together with Christopher Young and conductor Derek Gleeson. 
In 2017, he has been assigned tutor for the Masters In Film Scoring Program of Pulse College/ DIT, Dublin.