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The Fire Inside.


Actually a film music cue I wrote, conducted by Derek Gleeson and recorded during this session with a 110-piece orchestra at Bulgaria National Radio, Sofia. (Please note that the video starts a few seconds after the music starts).

The Dance of The Demon Doll.


A suite for 9-piece solo ensemble (double bass, cello, violin, piano, accordion, guitar, marimba, clarinet, flute), with a blend of diverse styles, ranging from purely classical-romantic to tango and other contemporary styles.

Recorded live at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin, mixed by myself.

Oh, how I love you!


Romance for strings ensemble. Conducted by maestro Christo Pavlov. Varna, Bulgaria, 2015.



Melancholy for piano.



Melancholy for strings ensemble and piano. Conducted by maestro Derek Gleeson (Varna, Bulgaria, 2015)



This piece for chamber orchestra reflects man’s worldly struggle and longing for divine transformation. Recorded at Windmill Lane Studios, conducted by myself. (Dublin, Ireland, 2016)