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Zeig mir deinen Osten.


J. Buschka, Hessischer Rundfunk

Flaschenpostinsel. End Title.

Laini finds her roots.

Flaschenpostinsel. Laini, Paul und Michael.


Flaschenpostinsel. Michael painting.

The world through the eyes of an autistic boy.


Flaschenpostinsel. Trailer music.


In  German cinema now, called “Die Flaschenpostinsel” (Bottle Message Island), by director Toni Kurtin. It is a drama featuring a black girl having been adopted by a German family trying to find her African roots.  Director: Toni Kurtin.

Mia und die Eule. Main Title.


The story of a young girl who tries to find a real owl as a last promise to her sister dying of cancer. It is a lovely project, beautifully shot and full of emotional depth without being kitschy. Director: Constantin Müller.

Mia und die Eule. Main Title.

Stahlzittern. Main Title.



Mia und die Eule. Funeral.




Limerick Trilogy. Coming soon.


A short, light-hearted romantic comedy, premiered at the Limerick Film Festival.

Mr Pepper. Main Title.


Director: Pragash Thangarajah Kirupa.


Thirty-Second Romance.


A 30 sec cue to showcase a light, romantic orchestral cue, realised with virtual instruments only.



A short scene from the movie "Bridgebuilders"for the CAIFF (California Independent Film Festival) in 2015.