Flaschenpostinsel. Trailer music.


In  German cinema now, called “Die Flaschenpostinsel” (Bottle Message Island), by director Toni Kurtin. It is a drama featuring a black girl having been adopted by a German family trying to find her African roots. 

Stahlzittern. Main Title.


Mr Pepper. Main Title V1.


Mr Pepper. Main Title V2.


Limerick Trilogy. Main Title.


Coming soon.


I am delighted to announce that the feature film Date:Time (Dir.: Paul Corey), a short, light-hearted romantic comedy, will premiere at the Limerick Film Festival.

Mia und die Eule. Main Title.


Coming soon.


One of the films I am currently scoring is “Mia und die Eule” (Mia and the Owl) by German director Constantin Müller. It is the story of a young girl who tries to find a real owl as a last promise to her sister dying of cancer. It is a lovely project, beautifully shot and full of emotional depth without being kitschy.

Thirty-Second Romance.


This is a 30 sec cue to showcase a light, romantic orchestral cue, realised with virtual instruments only.



A short scene from the competition movie "Bridgebuilders" I scored for the CAIFF (California Independent Film Festival) in 2015.